Nicola Sturgeon congratulates Donald Trump on election win

The First Minister said she hopes ties between the US and Scotland can be 'strengthened'.

Congratulations: Nicola Sturgeon has told Donald Trump that America and Scotland share 'fundemantal values'.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to Donald Trump congratulating him on his surprise election win.

During the presidential election campaign Sturgeon endorsed Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton.

In the letter the SNP leader states the United States and Scotland shares close family ties and economic ties and she hopes these can be "strengthened " in the coming years.

The Republican nominee's mother, Mary Anne Trump, emigrated from Lewis to the US in 1929.

Sturgeon said: "I am writing to convey my congratulations on your election as the 45th president of the United States of America.


"As you know from your family ties, the USA was shaped by some of Scotland's finest thinkers and many people of Scottish descent contributed to the transformation of your country into the global power it is today.

"These bonds of family and friendship, and our close economic ties, mean that the USA is one of Scotland's most valued partners, as well as our most important international export market and source of inward investment. I hope that these ties can be strengthened in the years ahead.


The First Minister added: "As you acknowledged in your victory speech, the election campaign was a divisive one.

"I was therefore encouraged to hear you pledge to be a president for all of America and to seek to work with others to unify your country.


"Our nations share fundamental values of equality, tolerance, diversity and human rights for all regardless of race, faith, gender or sexual orientation, and I hope we will see these values flourish during your presidency.

On that basis, I wish you success as you prepare to take on the responsibilities of office, and in the years ahead."

In December, Sturgeon described Trump's proposals to ban Muslims from entering the country as "obnoxious and offensive".

She said his comments meant he was "no longer fit" to hold a Global Scot business ambassador role and stripped him of the title.

Trump has clashed with the Scottish Government over its environmental polices over a number of years.

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