Christmas 2017: Best adverts on television this year

With the release of John Lewis' festive advert, here's a look at all the contenders.

Christmas: Paddington Bear has a starring role this year. M&S

Christmas adverts are always a talking point in the festive season and this year is no different.

There are some top contenders from Marks & Spencer and Sky Cinema.

With the launch of John Lewis' advert, here is a look at the best adverts released this year.

John Lewis

This year's John Lewis advert - always a national event - introduces Moz the monster.

He keeps seven-year-old Joe awake with his loud snoring, until the pair then bond and become friends.

The two-minute advert is accompanied by the classic Beatles song, Golden Slumbers, from the 1969 Abbey Road album, re-recorded by Elbow.


Marks & Spencer

Paddington Bear takes centre stage this year in Marks & Spencer's Christmas ad.

The lovable bear comes across a burglar stealing presents he mistakes for Santa.

By the end of the ad, the thief is embracing Christmas and there is not a dry eye - or marmalade sandwich - left in the house.

Sky Cinema

This advert watches a young girl grow into a woman, while always continuing on the tradition of a Christmas viewing of The Sound of Music.

Tugging heavily on the heart strings, it is a family orientated tale with traditions passed between the generations.


Anyone who's ever been in the kitchen on Christmas day is sure to feel some kinship to Tesco's advert.


Arguments over how the turkey should look and cries of "get out my kitchen" are familiar to anyone dealing with the meal on the big day.

But the Christmas spirit is felt by everyone when the whole family sits down to dinner.

Talk Talk

This very Gogglebox-inspired advert shows a family on the big day - set with last minute wrapping of presents and some really terrible karaoke.

The featured family let you have a sneak peak at their day, from breakfast and the unwrapping of gifts, to party games and night time drinks.

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