Dugdale takes on 'Sickola Sturgeon' in first jungle trial

The former Scottish Labour party is seen crawling around in fish guts on I'm a Celebrity.

Kezia Dugdale will be shown taking part in her first Bushtucker Trial in the I'm A Celebrity jungle on STV on Thursday evening.

Up against radio host Iain Lee, the former leader of the Scottish Labour Party sifts through a pile of fish guts in a tank named Sickola Sturgeon to find a red star to move on to the next tank.

Lee quickly finds his star and is on to the next tank - Margaret Scratcher - filled with mealworms, crickets and cockraoches, to grab his second star.

Dugdale, meanwhile, still struggles on in the first box to find her star, exclaiming: "I must be sat [sic] on it."

Lee, on to his third box filled with toads and spiders, searches for his third star.


The other contestants cheer on Dugdale as she struggles to find her first star, with Vanessa White of girl group The Saturdays saying she is "smashing it".

Watch I'm A Celebrity tonight at 9pm on STV to see if Kezia ever finds her first star.

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