OAP using three-wheeled walking frame has bag snatched

The 76-year-old woman was targeted by the thief on Rutherglen Main Street.

Main Street: A thief distracted the woman with conversation. Google

An opportunist thief stole a handbag from a 76-year-old woman who was using a three-wheeled walking frame.

The pensioner was on Rutherglen Main Street near the Clydesdale Bank at around 6.30pm on Tuesday when she was approached by a man who engaged her in conversation.

As she was talking to him he removed the handbag from her walking frame and ran off.

Police officers investigating the crime have warned people about the distraction method and asked they make sure elderly relatives and neighbours are aware.

A police spokeswoman said: "Officers are carrying out enquiries to identify the male responsible for this crime, who has clearly targeted this female due to her vulnerability.


"Although some people asking for help and directions can be genuine there are also criminals who will use this method to target those who are vulnerable.

"Please always ensure that you keep your bags, purses and wallets safe. Try not to leave your handbag on the back of prams or in shopping trolleys and, if you can, wear an across the body-style bag with a secure zip and always keep cash to a minimum."


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