Kez watch: Dugdale for the chop on I'm a Celebrity?

The politician cooked up a storm but nemesis Amir Khan reckons she will get the boot.

Kezia Dugdale: Amir Khan claims she is 'always moody'. ITV Studios

Maybe wading through fish guts, drinking bull's penis and throwing balls at Boris Johnson's dad while covered in locusts isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has done all this and more in her first week on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Some viewers and commentators have taken to social media and taken up column inches to remark that the Lothian MSP has not seemed all that happy to be in the jungle.

The show's producers were reportedly ticked off with Kez that she wasn't causing enough debate and drama in the camp.


With the reality show preparing to vote off its first contestant on Friday's episode later this evening, is she at risk? Camp fire nemesis Amir Khan certainly seems to think so.


Amir gets sassy

Amir Khan seemed to enjoy slagging off his campmates. ITV Studios

It must be said, however, that the former world champion boxer is hardly Mr Popular himself, either with the public or his fellow campmates.

Dastardly Amir along with DJ Iain Lee won strawberries and cream for the gang on Wednesday but then convinced Iain to eat them with him before they returned to camp.

He then pretended it was Iain's idea all along once he was rumbled.

This came on the same day that Kez joined Boris Johnson's dad Stanley to valiantly win five meals for the camp in the fear factory challenge.


Nevertheless, Amir was made exempt from early eviction and in private conversations with Made in Chelsea star Toff, waxed lyrical on who he thought would be first to leave the jungle.

"And that other girl, that girl, erm, what's she called," he started promisingly, before Toff suggested: "Kez?"

"Kez," confirmed Amir. "All she does is stay asleep. Every time I'm looking she's sleeping."


It briefly cut to the Bush Telegraph room, where Amir privately assured camera: "I'm a very honest person. I don't need to lie." Unless it's about strawberries, eh Amir?

Back to the conversation with Toff, the boxer continued his mini-rant about Kez. 

"Then she gets up and she's p****d off and she starts doing stuff, and she's always trying to boss me around," he said.

"She's always like 'Amir can you do this? Amir we need water.' I'm like 'yo, slow down man'."

Asked by Toff who he thought would first voted off, Amir replied: "Oh, Kez 100%. She's always moody isn't she? She's always upset and moody.

"She never smiles. I've never seen her smile. Does she smile? Is she allowed to smile? Vote Kez now."

Kez cooks for camp

Kez managed to cook up an 'amazing' squab dinner. ITV Studios

While Amir was laying into the Scottish Labour leader on his adventure with Toff, Kez was getting on with the day job (well, more like the evening job).

Amir and Toff had earlier in the day won meals for camp but it came in the form of whole squabs, a type of pigeon, complete with head and little feet.

Asked to cut the heads off the birds, a slightly dubious Kez replied: "It's not my favourite thing in the world but I'll do it."

Her fellow campmates were thankful for her efforts, praising her for "amazing" work in the jungle kitchen.

Iain would later tell the camera: "You'd pay top dollar for that in a swanky restaurant... it was brilliant."

There you go Amir. Kez is not just a sleepy grump. She's a sleepy, grumpy chef de cuisine.

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