Prisoner handcuffed guard to toilet handrail in escape

Jamie Roy slipped the restraints from his wrist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Escape: Roy has been jailed for 18 months. Police Scotland

A prisoner who went on the run after handcuffing a security officer to a hospital toilet has been jailed for 18 months.

Jamie Roy, 25, slipped the slackened restraints from his wrist in a toilet while attached to a G4S officer on a long chain.

He attached the handcuffs to a handrail and pushed past the female officer on his way out of the room in Glasgow Royal Infirmary in August.

Roy went on to commit further crimes in the days after his escape before he was tracked down by police in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

On Friday, at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Roy pleaded guilty to a string of charges including breaking into a house in Anniesland, Glasgow, attempting to defeat the ends of justice, stealing a car and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.


'During the course of the day Roy requested that his handcuff was slackened.'
Fiscal depute Louise MacNeil

The offences took place between March 20 and August 13.

Roy was jailed for 18 months, a sentence which will start when his current three years and three months jail term finishes.

Sheriff Norman Ritchie QC said: "You have caused upset and heartbreak to other people but you are doing the same to yourself and from what your lawyer said, you want to make something of your life in due course - that's in your control, that's in your hands."

The court heard that while on remand at HMP Barlinnie, Roy was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary on August 5 after suffering a number of seizures.

Procurator fiscal depute Louise MacNeil said the father-of-one was kept in to be monitored and was always watched by two G4S officers.

She said: "On August 9, during the course of the day, Roy requested that his handcuff was slackened."

The prosecutor said Roy asked to take a "comfort break", while he was handcuffed to the female officer.

She added: "He requested to use the toilet, the door of the toilet was closed to enable him to do so, however, he remained chained to (the G4S officer) who was standing behind the door.


"Roy thereafter pushed the door open wearing no handcuffs, (she) attempted to restrain him but the accused pushed passed her and ran off."

'His apprehension involved in excess of 20 police officers, two police divisions, firearms unit on standby, surveillance of the accused and the dog branch'
Fiscal depute Louise MacNeil

The court heard she could not follow because she was still attached to the rail in the bathroom.

Roy was seen on CCTV leaving a fire exit on the ground floor.

Ms MacNeil said: "His apprehension involved in excess of 20 police officers, two police divisions, a firearms unit on standby, surveillance of the accused and the dog branch."

On August 13, after stealing a car in Motherwell, police found Roy in a lane in Wishaw crouching behind bins.

He refused requests to get down and show his hands but when an officer drew his baton, Roy complied.

Roy threw a set of keys from the stolen car away and officers restrained him.

The court heard he was aggressive and threatened police and their families.

Defence lawyer Craig Grimes said when Roy absconded it was "without planning" and he "doesn't recall using the nasty words" used towards the police.

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