Toy racer breaks speed limit with remote control car

The vehicle is shown in video clip speeding along the Kingsway in Dundee at 60mph.

A toy car has been filmed speeding through Dundee at 60mph.

The remote-control vehicle can be seen driving along the Kingsway at 20mph over the 40mph limit.

In the video, the toy can be seen travelling alongside traffic as it is filmed on its journey by a passenger in a real-sized car following it.

At one stage it can be seen easily overtaking a mobile motor home despite giving a head start of around 100 yards.

The four-minute clip was posted to YouTube with the title 'RC CAR BREAKS UK SPEED LIMIT!!!!!!'.

Some toy cars can reach speeds of more than 70mph but are not designed to be used on normal roads, particularly in the middle of busy traffic.


Although they describe the act as "potentially very dangerous behaviour" Police Scotland do not believe it to be necessarily a road offence and is more likely to come under reckless behaviour laws.

A spokesman said: "Other drivers could easily have been distracted or the remote car itself could have caused an accident.

"We would ask anyone who sees any incidents like this to contact us."

It is not known exactly when the footage was filmed but one YouTube commentator claims it took place in November in the early hours of the morning.


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