Son claims seriously ill mother 'betrayed' by council

Dorothy Clark from Irvine suffers from Huntington's Disease, a degenerative condition.

Care: One one out of 20 rooms at the care home is currently occupied.

An Ayrshire man claims his seriously ill mother has been "betrayed" by North Ayrshire Council.

Darren Clark the local council has reneged on promises to Dorothy Clark, 57, for specialist private care.

Ms Clark from Irvine suffers from the degenerative condition Huntington's Disease and has spent 18 months in hospital.

Her son has been battling on her behalf for more than a year to secure her a place at a home that will provide her with vital 24-hour care.

The council told the family she would be one of the first residents at a state-of-the-art facility at Wallacetown Gardens in Ayr.


Mr Clark said: "We were delighted. We felt like we had actually won the lottery.

"Getting told she is going to a specialised place where they are going to look after her, it's on your door step, it would just make everything a whole lot better and she would get the specialised care because the nurses would be trained how to deal with my mum's different issues."

The family was then told by social workers the move to the care home was cancelled for financial reasons.

Mr Clark said: "For three meetings we were told don't worry, funding it not an issue this is the place your mum is going.

"My dad's been to visit the place, the staff have been to train with my mum, my dad's even received the welcome pack from the home, so obviously the authorisation was there.


"For them to take that away and say they don't know anything about it, it's hard to believe.

"Trying to find the correct words of how let down you are, betrayed as well, it feels like we are fending for ourselves."

Staff at the home have told STV News that out of 20 rooms only one is currently occupied.

North Ayrshire Council said it does not comment of specific cases but they are in touch with the family to try to finds a solution.

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