MSPs set for pay rise as Holyrood's spending tops £100m

The salary hike is linked to an overall increase in public sector pay in Scotland.

Holyrood: MSPs have had a greater workload to deal with this year. © Deadline

Holyrood's politicians are set for a pay rise which will take MSPs' basic salaries to £62,149.

The 0.6% increase has been proposed by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB), which manages the running of institution.

The rise is an increase of 0.6% compared to their current salary of £61,777.

Since 2015, MSPs' salaries have been directly linked to public-sector pay rises in Scotland rather than MPs' pay, as in the past.

MPs at Westminster are currently paid £74,962 - 20.6% more than their counterparts at Holyrood.


Overall spending by the Scottish Parliament is set to rise from £97.6m this year to £102.3m next year.


Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw, who is a member of the SPCB, told Holyrood's finance and constitution committee on Wednesday that the parliament was facing pressures, including increased parliamentary activity, the impact of Brexit and ongoing reform.

Carlaw said: "It's the corporate body's view that our parliament is busier than ever, it's facing significant change and this, combined with the impact of its new powers, means that it's no longer sustainable to continue to fund these recurring costs from our contingency.


"Therefore, the corporate body proposes a budget which aims to reflect the new circumstances the parliament faces and, in doing so, it proposes a medium time financial plan which seeks to address known pressures, anticipated risks and opportunities to improve parliament's performance in a planned and proportionate manner through to the end of this session."

He told the committee Holyrood has had a 45% increase in overall business in the first year of the current parliament compared to the first year of the last parliament, with more and longer committee meetings affecting resources.

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