Murderer said he was joining victims before his suicide

Hugh Gallacher killed two people at a flat in Aberdeen then jumped to his death.

Victims: Keith Taylor and Tracy Gabriel died at flat.

A man who killed two people before jumping to his death from a tower block balcony told police: "If they're dead I'm joining them".

Officers were called to Donside Court in Aberdeen on July 19 last year after neighbours heard a woman's screams from a flat on the 12th floor.

They arrived to find two people dead - Tracy Gabriel and Keith Taylor - and their killer Hugh Gallacher standing on the balcony covered in blood.

A tense exchange followed, which ended with Gallacher leaping to his death.

Earlier this year, STV News revealed the officers involved had been cleared of any wrongdoing.


A newly published report from the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner sheds further light on the events of that night.

Donside Court: Police at scene of double murder. PA

Officers were alerted to the incident at 8.17pm, shortly after screams were heard, and Gallacher was seen on the balcony with his hands covered in blood.

Four officers arrived at 8.28pm and reached the door of the flat eight minutes later.

They found Keith Taylor lying on a sofa in the living room with blood on his chest and face.

The 43-year-old had been fatally stabbed and two officers carried out CPR on him while the others tried to calm Gallacher.

During a four-minute exchange, the 56-year-old admitted attacking the pair.

The officers tried to persuade him to come into the flat but he told them: "If they're dead I'm joining them."

He then slammed the window of the flat so hard it jammed shut and jumped.


Tribute: Flowers laid for victims of killing. PA

The officers found Tracy Gabriel, 40, lying on the balcony with fatal stab wounds to her chest.

The PIRC's review of the case found Police Scotland had handled the situation approproiately.

Commissioner Kate Frame said: "The call to Police Scotland was categorised correctly and officers were dispatched to the scene within the required five minute timescale.

"It is clear that officers attempted to persuade Hugh Gallacher to come back into the flat from the balcony but had limited opportunity to prevent him from completing his stated intention of suicide.

"They were confronted with very difficult circumstances but dealt with them appropriately and with a high degree of professionalism."

Following their deaths, Ms Gabriel's family called the 40-year-old a "much-loved daughter, sister, mother, aunt and cousin", while 43-year-old Mr Taylor was described as a "happy-go-lucky lad".

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