Drunken revellers risk yellow or red cards in pubs

The new system aims to cut down on antisocial behaviour and violence in Dundee.

Pubwatch: A drunken dive could result in a yellow card. STV

Drunken revellers risk receiving a yellow or red card if they misbehave at pubs and clubs.

The Behave or Be Banned initiative, which aims to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence and antisocial behaviour in and around licensed premises, has been launched in Dundee.

A yellow card acts as a warning, while a red card can result in an automatic one-year ban.

Police Scotland, Dundee City Council, Dundee Community Safety Partnership, licensees and security staff will work together on the project.

Chief inspector Nicky Russell said: "Behave or Be Banned is aimed at reducing violence and antisocial behaviour in and around Dundee's nightlife. It will also include Broughty Ferry.


"If you misbehave, you may receive a yellow card. This is a warning that any further misbehaviour could lead to a one-year ban from Duncan (Dundee Coordinated Anti-crime Network) Pubwatch premises.

"If you are involved in something more serious you will go straight to a red card, which could lead to a one-year ban from Duncan Pubwatch premises."

He added: "We would encourage everyone to come out for their night out and have a great time but they should know that any bad behaviour will be dealt with by pubs, door staff and Police Scotland who will all have the ability to issue cards."


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