Woman stabbed victim to death after row over £10 debt

Siobhan Russell found guilty of culpable homicide after killing Marie Low in Dundee.

Argument: Siobhan Russell, left, and Marie Low.

A woman stabbed a grandmother-to-be to death in front of her pregnant daughter after a row over a £10 debt.

Siobhan Russell knifed Marie Low, 36, on Ballantrae Terrace in Dundee following an argument between the pair two days earlier.

Russell, 30, had faced a murder charge but on Thursday a jury convicted her of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

A trial at the High Court in Aberdeen heard from Ms Low's then-pregnant daughter, Jamie-Lee Low, who broke down in tears as she told of the moment Russell knifed her mother.

She said: "I watched her stab the knife into my mum's chest or belly area.


"After she stabbed my mum, her and Siobhan ended up on the floor. My mum was lying on the floor and Siobhan held the knife to my mum's throat."

'I watched her stab the knife into my mum's chest or belly area.'
Jamie-Lee Low

The jury was told police had been called to Ms Low's home the previous day following reports of a disturbance between the pair.

One witness told the court the pair had brawled over a £10 debt.

The court later heard Ms Low suffered a single stab wound to the heart and later died at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. 

A knife was later found under the kitchen sink in Russell's home with the accused's DNA on the handle and Ms Low's on the blade.

Advocate depute Alan Cameron, summing up the Crown case to the jury, said Russell had not acted in self-defence but had willingly involved herself in a confrontation.


He added she had taken the knife used to kill Ms Low from her house and had gone on to use it.

Solicitor advocate Iain Patterson, defending, said the Crown had not "proven beyond a reasonable doubt" that Russell had "acted with wicked recklessness" that would support a murder conviction.

After an eight-day trial, the jury took 11 hours to find Russell, of Dundee, guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

Judge Lord Burns deferred sentence until January for social work background reports and remanded Russell in custody meantime.

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